Some tips to make your hike more enjoyable:

Established hiking trails are marked with signs at the trail head and intersections

Watch for blazes on trees, which mark trail locations. Blazes are swatches of paint places on trees to aid in trail navigation.

Rocks, fallen trees, roots, and steep ground will make some trails rough and uneven.

Proper footwear, along with care of foot placement, will help prevent sprained ankles or falls.

Do not hike during periods of high wind. Falling branches and trees commonly occur at these times.

Carry enough water for your trip.

You may encounter a variety of wildlife while hiking. For your safety, leave them alone.

Leave your iPod at home – when hiking, take time to pause and listen to the sounds of the Forest, and you’ll find it fascinating!

Leave yourself enough time to get back on trails before dark. Work backwards from sunset to determine your return time – and be sure to account for the lower-light factor of the forest.