Cook Forest is just as beautiful in the winter as it is in the spring, summer, and fall!

Cold weather mavens will enjoy a lighted ice skating pond near River Road, 10 acres of sledding slopes, and three designated cross-country ski trails with an equipment rental facility. Cross country skiing is a great family activity for getting some exercise as well as touring brilliant, wintery scenes of the snow-covered Forest.

Scenes of ice floating down the river, snow draping the treetops, and icicles dangling from ancient hemlocks make for great photography.

In fact, Cook Forest is located in a prime snow area. The main trail is entirely wooded and borders several small runs. Two two-mile loop trails start near the entrance to Ridge Campground where the ski rental shop is located. One trail gives access to the fire tower/Seneca Point Overlook Area.

Nearby Clear Creek State Forest is also a heavy snow area, with loop trails following small streams. Almost 4 miles of trails and roads are available.

You can get reports on snow depths and trail conditions across the state by calling 717-787-5651.

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