Hiking at Clear Creek State Park

Beartown Rocks Trail

This interpretive trail starts near the entrance to Clear Creek State Park and ends at the Beartown Rocks formation. Plaques along the trail highlight natural and historical areas. This trail is about two miles long and gains 540 feet in elevation as it winds its way up Clear Creek Valley. Leisure hiking time in one direction is about 1 1/2 hours.

Trap Run Loop

This two mile loop offers hikers a more rustic route that is well-marked but not cleared of all logs. It branches off Beartown Rocks Trail and crosses the flat hill top before gently descending to Trap Run. The trail passes near the site of an old logging camp and through a grove of large pine.

After crossing Trap Run, the trail follows an old road along the stream to where it intersects with Beartown Rocks Trail. Leisure hiking time is 1 1/2 hours.

Clear Creek Trail

This three mile trail starts at the Park office and follows an old logging road up Little Clear Creek to its headwaters. Pine logs were moved from these hillsides to the sawmill that was formerly located in the State Park. Sleds loaded with logs were pulled by teams of horses over the road. A timber harvest demonstration plot is located along this trail near Little Clear Creek Road. Interpretive signs explain the various harvesting techniques used and a fenced area shows the effect deer can have on the woods.

This trail then crosses the ridge and follows Clear Creek to the parking area along Corbett Road.

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