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Author: SE Holman   
Was looking for a place to get my family together...14 children, 40+ grandkids. Was thinking about Shiloh, but have never been there. Any suggestions?
Author: oliver liggitt   
visited the park the second day of French and indian war reenactment and stayed until Wednesday was the first visit to the park for me. I stayed in one of the rustic cabins. the cabin was clean hiking trails were well marked an maintained the staff professional . i will be back next year. only regret i wish i had a few more days to stay.
Author: Nancy    
If anyone is looking for a great getaway for the July 4th holiday, Clarion River Suites has available suites at affordable rates and the most beautiful view of the Clarion river! Check it out!
Author: Jerry G   
First time down to this event at Cook Forest. Wow, what a phenomenal weekend of events, especially the cannon demo and battle re-enactment! Very well put together and amazingly real! Used to go to Cook Forest as a kid on week-long family vacations to hike, fish, canoe, ride horseback, and spend quality time with family, both my own and my extended families. A flood of memories came rushing back this past weekend, as I'm a father now and I had my son with me on this weekend trip, along with both my older and younger brothers and their boys, and my father. Will definitely start making this an annual camping trip and will also be looking at cabin rentals for family reunions in years to come. Can't wait! Keep up the excellent work there! Can't say enough about it! Thanks so much!
Author: Christa H.   
First time there April 2014. Lot's of family fun and great pictures
Author: John M   
Spent another fun weekend in Cook Forest. Saturday we took a 2+ mile hike from a trail off of Corbett Rd (parked along 949) in Clear Creek State Park to the Beartown Rocks overlook. Very nice area and a nice uphill hike.
Author: Brittany P.   
Another great summer up at Cook Forest! Back to Farmer's Inn for some good ice cream/food/shopping/and to check out the animals at the petting zoo! Also going to go canoeing, putt-putt, & go carting! We've had a cabin up here for years and we all absolutely love it! If I could live up there I would!! :)
Author: Kathleen Thrush   
I found 2 dogs running on Rt 36 near the park today, 6/17/13. Older male Irish Setter & a male Australian Shepherd. Can't keep them. Please share this info anywhere that campers or locals might see it please? Thank you very much! 814-849-0927
Author: Spaceheater99   
Looking for a great place to have a family reunion with over 100 guests. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Author: Dale   
Leah - we built a cabin on Greenwood Road in 2010 and go there frequently. We have on a couple of occasions seen Air Force cargo planes flying a route that seemed to follow the Clarion River (for training?), and our neighbor said he has seen an Air Force jet overhead. But it isn't often enough to worry about. Good luck with your cabin - hope you love it as much as we do ours! And if you need a good builder, let me know and we can give you the contact info for ours, RD Builders (he is local and we were very happy with him).
displaying records 1 through 10 of 228 :   First   Prior   Next   Last

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