Want to get a glimpse into what it is like to work for the Pennsylvania Game Commission? Check out the “Game Commission Field Reports,” on the agency’s website.

“Every other week, we update these regional reports with new entries from Game Commission Wildlife Conservation Officers, Land Management Group Supervisors, foresters, biologists and other personnel,” said Carl G. Roe, Game Commission executive director. “These reports will cover topics from wildlife sightings to habitat work being conducted on State Game Lands, from wildlife protection cases to the number of students certified in Hunter-Trapper Education courses.

“Game Commission employees have a wonderful story to tell about the job they do as the state’s wildlife managers. We are offering these reports so that hunters, trappers, news media and those just interested in what is being done to conserve and protect wildlife and their habitats have a chance to hear that story.”

Roe noted that these submissions from agency employees are similar to the popular “Field Notes” section in the agency’s monthly magazine, Pennsylvania Game News.

“We will continue to carry the ‘Field Notes’ section in our magazine, which will retain its unique and – in most cases – humorous flavor,” Roe said. “However, this reports will enable those who do not subscribe to our magazine to learn more about our agency, our mission and our employees.”

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Jerry Feaser