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  Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any cabins available?

Cook Forest Online does not operate cabins or campgrounds, we simply provide an online travel information Web site, sponsored by Cook Forest area businesses. Visit the Business Directory for contact info for area businesses.

A particular business used to be listed on your business directory, and it's not there anymore! Can you give me its telephone number?

The business in question probably discontinued its advertising sponsorship on Cook Forest Online. Providing phone numbers, contact info, etc. beyond what we publish on the site is very time-consuming for us and unfair to our current paid sponsors. Chances are the business you're looking for has a Web site - you can search the Web using your favorite search engine such as You can also post your request in our Forest Forum, a user-to-user discussion group. Or you can call directory services in the 814 area code (1-814-555-1212) or browse any one of a number of free directories of toll free numbers. When you do make contact, don't forget to let the business know how much easier it would have been for you to find them had they remained a Cook Forest Online sponsor!

Are pets allowed in the Park?

Pets at Cook Forest are permitted at Ridge Campground in the pet loop. The pet must be attended at all times and on a leash. The leash must prohibit the pet from getting off the site. For example the pet may not be able access the roadway or an adjoining site. No pets are permitted in any other over night facility. Also you are required to clean up after your pet. Pets are permitted elsewhere in the park and must be attended at all times and be on a leash in day use areas. Pets are permitted off the leash in hunting areas only.

Are ATVs such as four wheelers or snowmobiles, or mountain bikes, allowed on Park trails?

No ATV or bike riding is permitted on Park trails. Some private landowners renting to visitors may permit riding on their private land. ATVs are permitted on certain trails in nearby Marienville, PA - see our ATV page for more information.

I need to contact Anthony Cook - do you know how I can reach him?

Cook Forest Online is not at liberty to provide Mr. Cook's contact information.

How much does Cook Forest cost?

There's not really a "fixed" cost to visit Cook Forest, as with an amusement park or private facility. The price of Cook Forest depends on where you stay and when you visit. Visit the Business Directory for contact info for area businesses. You can, however, get pricing info for state-owned cabins, campgrounds, and facilities directly from the State on its Web site.

What are your packages or rates for canoe rentals/horseback riding/go-karts etc.?

Cook Forest Online does not maintain a central database or list of prices for various goods and services in Cook Forest - you can imagine the maintenance challenges we would experience! Visit the Business Directory for contact info for area businesses.

Could you add a link on the CFO site to my Web page?

Links from the Cook Forest Online Web site to other sites are reserved for site sponsors and/or business partners, or for editorial purposes. Non-sponsor links are placed at the discretion of the site's editors. Visit the Advertising Info page for details on rates and placements.

Can I add a link from my Web site to yours?

Yes, in fact we greatly appreciate links to our site! Get more information about linking to Cook Forest Online.

Please send me a brochure on [insert event/products/services here]

CFO does not fulfill brochure requests for area businesses and services.

Where can I get more information on the state campgrounds?

For additional state park information or to reserve a campsite, picnic pavilion or an organized group tenting area, call 1-888-PA-PARKS. There are also several private campground facilities you can contact through the Business Directory.

Do you accept stories/articles/photography submissions?

Please see our Terms and Conditions section before submitting anything to Cook Forest Online or contacting CFO about submitting content.

The editors are always interested in fresh new content for the site, including photography. We often work out trade-of-service agreements or purchase content fitting the editorial mission and design of the site. Please contact if you'd like to provide content for Cook Forest Online.


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